Don’t talk, “Just Kiss”! Since a kiss
talks louder than words. It ’s a simple
body move, yet a unique, impactful,
personal expression of love,
passion, friendship, tenderness,
trust, respect, joy, acceptance, admiration,
support, enthusiasm. Moreover,
it is an act of togetherness. Kissing
is making an intimate contact,
a simultaneous merge, reaching a
“peek” of communication, where
two persons let down their guards
and reach out to one another, sharing
the moment. Kissing is man’s
prerogative and choice, a positive
manifestation of the human nature.
Just Kiss seeks to graphically represent
this exclusively human manifestation
in various contexts and situations
(personal, social, fictional ect)
to make “silent” yet witty comments
and metaphors, to narrate interesting
short stories or -just simply- to
offer catching art visuals. Nevertheless,
Just Kiss is meant to be
highly contagious! Just like blowing
kisses in the wind, it has the power
to spread smiles all over the world,
meaning to affect people’s mood